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Introducing, Train: On Demand!

You can now take your training from the club to your home, wherever you are and whenever you need it.


  • Choose between Body Weight and Equipment-Based Programming
  • Designed to mimic the various fighting styles of Boxers
  • Select your desired target muscle groups, available equipment, boxing-style and duration OR select the Workout of the Day as programmed by our team of sports-scientists


  • Expertly programmed macro and micronutrient balanced Meal Plans for Males and Females
  • Auto-generated with Shopping Lists that you can email or print
  • Ability to customise your Meal Plan by swapping out meals each day to suit your personal requirements and preferences


  • Guided meditation to assist you in calming the mind
  • Coach-led mobility routines focusing on Full Body, Upper Body or Lower Body to help relax tight muscles and prevent soreness or risk of injury